Southern Homebuilders: Continued Dedication to our Local Community

Southern homebuilders has been building homes in the greater Wilmington area for over 40 years. Our dedication to providing quality housing at affordable prices hasn’t changed in the last four decades, and neither has our dedication to the communities we serve. Our homebuyers are our neighbors and Southern Homebuilders has long been committed to the principle that businesses should serve as contributors to the local and regional communities to which they belong.

Part of that commitment includes partnering with local small businesses in the Wilmington and Southport area. Quality home construction relies on the coordinated effort of many individuals and small businesses, and we are proud of the relationship we have built over many years with our local network of contractors, suppliers, skilled artisans, and professionals; including carpenters, architects, engineers, inspectors, plumbers, electricians, painters and landscapers. We are particularly proud that out of the dozens of businesses we work with, over 70% are small businesses headquartered right here in the Wilmington and Southport area and all together nearly 80% are headquartered within North Carolina.

This means that when you buy a home from Southern Homebuilders, you aren’t just supporting one local business, but dozens!

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